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Customer Appreciation

Here at Aircraft Turbineworks, we are always trying to build that special relationship with our customers. As a small business our goal is to build relationships of trust with our customers, so that they will know us to be fair and provide a service up to the best standards and those customers will want to come back again and again. Sometimes while doing this, we gain life long customers that we can call friends! We wanted to show our appreciation to Jon and his wife Megg, we presented them with an exact replica of their aircraft. It was a good day!

Here is the wonderful email received from Jon and we could not be happier!

Hey Jeff and Babette,

I wanted to tell you how much the other day meant to me.   To be honest, I am still in shock!!!  I have always considered you guys friends, now consider you all family.

I remember about 2 years ago Jeff laughing at me when I came to work with Connor and he saw me standing proudly with my coffee mug that had a logo of our airplane on it.    For my family and I, N535VB is almost like a family member.   There is a connection that Megg, Connor, Jessica and I have with the Bonanza.

The airplane takes my family around this country and always brings us back home safely.  I guess perhaps that is why there is a tight bond we have with this flying machine.

On Friday, when Megg and I walked into your shop and everyone was there, I was really taken back.  Seeing your team standing there to help present the gift meant the world to me.

Then when Babette revealed the model, I was speechless.   The model of N535VB is incredible and the detail is absolutely perfect.  When heading out to our hangar I have to go out the back sliding glass door of our house and there is a shelf that I pass by every time.   I see the model sitting there and it not only makes me feel proud to be an owner of the Bonanza, but it makes me think about you all every single time.

I can not explain how incredibly touched I am and what you guys did for me.

Not only will you always be my shop to bring our airplane to – but I am going to ALWAYS going to help create any content, videos, and photos that you need.

You have an amazing team of talented mechanics and you are building such an incredible empire!

Just know that you deserve everything you are working so hard to achieve.   I will be by your side to help out however you may need!

Thank you for making this memory happen.  You guys are truly family!

Jon Schellenger