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JT15D/PT6 hot section inspections and repairs
Pre-purchase inspections, annual and Phase Inspections
Factory-trained technicians
Authorized Raisbeck Dealer
Kick Ice Boot Works
U.S Customs located on the field
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Aircraft Avionics Works (AAW) - Our new tenant

Located at KFPR

Come experience old-fashioned service. Get your answers directly from the technician working on your aircraft.

Beat high-priced, congested airports by choosing Aircraft Turbineworks at Treasure Coast International Airport.

We take pride in our satisfied customers; based or transient. We save you time and money. You can count on us to complete the job affordably and on time!

Look no further for the most cost-effective Raisbeck and BLR Installation Dealer in Florida

Our new tenant Aircraft Avionics Works (AAW) can solve your avionics problems. Let him quote your new install.

Having your Blackhawk engines installed has never been easier or more cost-effective.


Raisbeck Modifications

Aircraft TurbineWorks is pleased to be an authorized Raisbeck Engineering King Air Dealer.

Over the years, we have installed several Ram Air Recovery systems, Crown Wing Lockers, Dual Aft Body Strakes, Hartzell 4-blade propeller systems and the complete Epic Package on King Air aircraft.

Learn More About Raisbeck!

Did you know?

Beechcraft Owners - prevent improper aileron installation!

Read Safety Communique 324. We can inspect your aircraft and keep you safe!

King Air, Cheyenne, Twin Otter operators:

Emergency A.D. Note 2011-20-51
PT6A-27, -28, -34 engine gear box failure - -

We can replace these parts for you efficiently. Call now to discuss your options!

Tip of the month:

This from Goodyear tires: when possible, allow 12 hours before putting new tires in service after inflation. All tires stretch after the initial inflation causing a volume increase and a drop in pressure. After 12 hours of inflation, the pressure should be rechecked and adjusted as necessary.

We are pleased to welcome:

Derek Boxwell, Aircraft Avionics Works (AAW), to our facility. He has already solved some complicated corporate avionic issues and saved our customers money. Aircraft Avionics Works (AAW) has the equipment to test your 406 ELT. Call us for more information

Citation 550 operators --

Jeff Grothe has returned from initial training at Flight Safety and is scheduled for line maintenance this winter. Let us help reduce your operating expenses with our efficient maintenance and lower prices.

Bonanza, Baron and King Air owners:

Safety Communique 324 warns against improper aileron attachment and possible partial or complete separation. Call us for advice on installing "witness marks" to provide the visual cue you need to be safe.

News of the month:
Travis Grothe successfully completed a two-week Caravan airframe and engine course at Flight Safety-Wichita. He is ready to troubleshoot and repair any C-208 problems you may have!

We now stock CamGuard! Protect your piston engine with this proven additive. 

Turbine operators - save money and extend your battery life by simply disconnecting your battery after each flight.

Make it part of your post-flight check list!

April Tip of the Month


Save money and downtime on hot section repairs by cleaning and flow-checking your fuel nozzles
every 200 hours. We recommend this small investment to extend your engine life!

February Tip of the Month: 
Keep your King Air nose gear well greased to make taxiing smoother; decreasing wear on brakes and tires.

We have the special grease needed for this job.  Call to schedule your grease job!

January Tip of the Month:

Pay attention to the new re-registration requirement and subsequent 3-year term for registered aircraft.

You will be receiving notification about this major change.

Further information can be found at http://registry.faa.gov. or call our office for assistance .

Don’t get caught unaware!

King Air 90 series models are notorious for leaking DV windows.

Try this tip: Insert a tennis ball in the forward corner of the window frame. It helps keep the window closed tightly if out in the rain and stops the annoying "squeal" during flight.