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Music Video at ATW! by Nico James

Check out this incredible song and video! Aircraft Turbineworks was elated to have such a special recording held in our very own hangar.

Special note from the Artist, Nico James:
As a recording artist, music videos play a very important role in capturing the unique feeling, representation, and ride that is originally intended for the song. When I wrote my song “Someone Like Me” I knew I wanted to create something visually special and unique to represent the music. I thought to myself, how do I capture a compelling visual and audio experience in a 3-minute song, while doing something different that viewers and fans don’t see every day. With the help and support of my friends at Aircraft Turbineworks, I was able to do just that. Together we were able to transform an airplane hangar workshop into something that felt very special, a music video set.

With careful planning and execution behind the scenes, Aircraft Turbineworks, myself (Nico James), my videographer Noah at Helm Productions, and last-minute volunteer John Schellenger, were able to bring this 3 minute visual and audio journey to life. Subsequently, the overall theme “Find Someone Like Me” metaphorically matched up seamlessly with the scene, with the storyline of myself showing up in the plane, performing in the hangar, and leaving in the plane, with the next destination unknown…

I want to thank the Grothe family for their hospitality, hard work, time, and passion in helping make this special piece come to life!

For more original music and videos, check out my website www.nicojamesmusic.com

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