BLR Aerospace
Aircraft TurbineWorks is pleased to be an authorized BLR Aerospace Dealer.

Winglet Systems from BLR Aerospace are a solid, stylish addition that will distinguish your King Air in the hangar, on the ramp and everywhere you fly. Carbon fiber winglet and aluminum wing tip increase wing aspect ratio to reduce induced drag and fuel consumption up to 5 percent or more.

Installing the BLR/MT Whisper Prop on your King Air will enhance performance and send cabin comfort soaring with unprecedented levels of quiet and a smooth, low-vibration flying experience.

Our customers are thoroughly satisfied with the improved performance, quiet operation and safety enhancements as a result of their decision to invest in BLR Aerospace modifications to their Beechcraft King Air.

We are pleased to minimize our customer’s downtime with our efficient installations and to keep their operating costs low with our better-than-competitive pricing.

To learn more about the complete BLR Aerospace product line, visit Call Jeff Grothe @ 772-461-5387 for more information and to schedule your BLR Aerospace upgrade.