About Us

Brian Grothe and his son, Jeff, have extensive training and experience in aircraft maintenance and modifications. There is over 75 years combined experience between them. Father and son, along with a small dedicated staff, have built a reputable maintenance facility offering expert maintenance at better-than-competitive prices.

Brian has been involved in aviation in South Florida since the early '70's. After selling his partnership at Banyan Air Service, he chose Treasure Coast International Airport to start a new business. This airport has community and county support, room to grow, U.S. Customs and an amenable working environment.

Jeff joined Aircraft TurbineWorks in 2003,coming from Aerodyne Corp and the Banyan Turbine Shop. He has extensive PT6 and JT15D experience and has been factory-trained at Cessna Citation and Hawker Beechcraft. He handles most Citation and King Air airframe issues from years of experience and has developed trusted industry resources to troubleshoot the difficult problems.

Jeff also brings "Kick Ice BootWorks" on board with over 25 years de-ice boot removal, installation and repair.

Travis Grothe, cousin to Jeff, has been with Aircraft TurbineWorks since 2006. He spent four years in a propeller overhaul shop, the last year as Chief Inspector, and has quickly become indispensable as a skilled Beech/Citation and PT6 technician. Travis has recently earned his Inspection Authorization license, allowing him to spearhead the modifications department and perform many of our customer’s STC installations.

Aircraft TurbineWorks specializes and enjoys working on the turbo-prop and turbine engine aircraft, but welcomes all customers. You will often see repeat Bonanza annuals, Cessna twin inspections and many inspections, repairs and modifications to piston and light twin aircraft.

We are supported on the field by Propeller PartsMarket, Inc, owned in part by Chris Grothe, Jeff's brother. Their expertise and parts inventory allows us to overhaul our customer propellers quickly and affordably.

Aircraft TurbineWorks, Inc. conforms to the Antidrug and Alcohol Misuse Prevention Program, Registration Number CONN376B